Botanicare Rhizo Blast 1000 ml

Watch your roots blow up when you start using our newest rooting product. Formulated with natural and sustainable ingredients, Rhizo Blast dramatically outperforms leading brand's root supplements.

Rhizo Blast is a proprietary blend of seaweed and the single celled algae, Chlorella. This particular form of Chlorella, the key ingredient in Rhizo Blast, is cultivated specifically for Botanicare. When combined with the other unique components in Rhizo Blast, this revolutionary formula encourages plants to produce an abundant root mass with lush, stacked foliage.

Benefits of using Rhizo Blast:

  • Explosive root growth.
  • Use with any growing medium, or hydroponic system.
  • Ideal for use in transplanting.
  • Promotes root branching and fine root hairs.
  • Enhances plant vigor in fast flowering plants.

What is this Chlorella algae all about?
Chlorella is a single-celled green microalgae that derives its name from Latin “chloros,” meaning green, and “ella,” meaning small. It has been used in food supplements because of its amino acids, fat content, and its fat has also been utilized in the “bio-oils” industry. Only recently has the value of Chlorella been researched and documented as a plant fertilizer. Chlorella’s abundance of amino acids and minerals contribute to its value in hydroponics.

Use Rhizo Blast after successful cloning has produced some established roots.

Rhizo Blast was formulated to be used after initial roots develop in the seedling stage of a plant’s life cycle. When used at 2 ml/gal, Rhizo Blast will promote vigorous root development enhancing overall plant growth.

Shake well before each use and never mix concentrates.

Always allow nutrient solution to mix well before adjusting pH.

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  • Manufacturer: Botanicare

Botanicare Rhizo Blast 1000 ml

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